Saturday, March 14, 2009

Revlon Poll about Rihanna

Just my thoughts...
So I was reading a blog, The Dish Rag, about Revlon conducting a poll to determine how people felt about Rihanna being the spokesperson for Cover Girl. Obviously, Cover Girl is a competitor of Revlon so bad publicity for them means good for Revlon. But I was really thinking about this....can Rihanna potentially hurt Cover Girls image? I'm not sure myself. I mean sure everyone will have their own opinion about Rihanna and her decision to take back her boyfriend who is charged with beating her, but should that really affect people's buying decisions on a product they may love. It just irritates me sometimes to hear that people will let another person's decisions affect what they do. I mean the product is the same just because the person "representing" it may not be right in their personal decisions. But celebrities are just people, like you and I (with more money:)..they should not be made into some supreme being that makes our decisions about buying or whatever. Well, it can go either way really. To me it is her own personal business..we all have to learn some time and in my experience each has to learn on their own time. My guess is that she will learn one day...maybe not today..but one day.


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