Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tarte Cosmetics- Femme Naturale & Eye Couture Palettes

Hello fellow addicts!! Been a little while since I last posted....busy busy. Well I have still been doing a lot of shopping..I think a little too much actually! But if I didn't I wouldn't have so much to share so... This post is a review of my Tarte Cosmetics palettes I hauled a while back doing their friends and family sale. I was able to get this for 40% off. I have always been interested in trying Tarte Cosmetics, so as soon as I heard about the sale I had to jump on it.

I ordered two palettes. The first palette is the Femme Naturale and the other the Eye Couture day to night palette. Both palettes include ten beautiful eyeshadows. Tarte Cosmetics promotes the fact that their products are all natural and healthy. Tarte Cosmetics website states their eyeshadows contain 'skinvigorating' ingredients, natural fruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances.

The Femme Naturale palette contains more neutral, earthy colors. Browns, bronzes, plums, sand, gold, and green. I love this palette for everyday looks. The Eye Couture palette contains more dramatic, smoky eye colors. Bronzes and charcoals. This palette can also be good for a day time neutral look but also transitional for a dramatic night time look.

I am very impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows. They are very soft and natural. Some I will admit are more pigmented then others, but the overall quality is good. I think I like the packaging as much as the palettes. Both come in a gorgeous plum color wrapping ( I love purple toned anything!). Check out the pictures below.

The palettes also included a nice double-ended eyeshadow brush and double-ended eyeliner. I was surprised at the quality of the brushes too. Usually the brushes that come with palettes are throw aways, but not these. I will definitely keep these for travel. The palette is also reusable and refillable. Once you finish an eyeshadow you can refill with more Tarte eyeshadows.

These beauties retail for $44, which IMO isn't a bad deal for ten good sized, quality eyeshadows. So if you haven't tried Tarte Cosmetics. I would definitely say give these a try! 

Happy Shopping!

Eye Couture Palette

Eye Couture Palette

Beautiful quilted case w/ lock and key!

Femme Naturale Palette

Femme Naturale palette

Cute and feminine case!

Random Swatches

Nice Free Gift!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sinful Colors Nail Polish Mini Haul- Walgreens .99 cents Sale

This week I learned from my local mailer Walgreens was having a sale on Sinful Colors nail polishes for .99 cents with coupon...soooo of course I rushed to my local store to pick some up! Although I see these polishes all the time in Walgreens, I haven't really tried them in the past. I have been stuck on my beloved China Glaze polishes. Love those! Sinful colors definitely has a very good array of colors to choose from. So with the sale this was the perfect opportunity for me to try them out.

I had a definite hard time choosing I must say! I love colors! It just makes me happy to see so many different colors. Fortunately, I was able to narrow my purchase down to seven. I choice more pinks this time because lately I've been picking up more blue, purple, and green polishes. I don't really have a lot of pinks, so I was happy to find some here.

The colors I picked up are: Cream Pink, Pink Forever, Big Daddy, Thimbleberry, Boom Boom, Mint Apple, and Dream On. I love the names too! Well, I just wanted to share this little haul and deal. So check with your local Walgreens before the sale ends Saturday, August 14.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rock & Republic Cosmetics Blush Rave w/Swatches

Got something good in the mail today...(actually something Great)!! YES....my beautiful new Rock & Republic blushes!! These are some beauties I must say...I have heard about R&R from a few forums and everyone raved about them. So of course, I had to see for myself. Luckily with R&R's current sale of 50% off with code: ROCKCOSMETICS and .99 cent shipping...I was able to snag a couple of their blushes.

I got the colors All-Nighter and X-Rated. All-Nighter is the perfect orange blush I have been seeking! It is a a dark coral orange with gold reflect. This one is a shimmer. Very nice and PIGMENTED!! X-Rated is a beautiful raspberry pink blush. It is more of a matte with a tiny bit of shimmer. I Looove these blushes. I am incredibly impressed with not only the color and pigmentation, but the packaging is so nice. It comes in a very sturdy, metal pan and they just look expensive.

I was able to get these for $20 with the current sale, but normally they retail $40. Yes..a little bit high IMO. But I am happy to get these when they go on sale. So I will definitely be ordering more of these.You can also catch these on sale from time to time on Hautelook.com. Well, I just had to share my excitement for these blushes. Please check them out because they are so worth it!!


Happy Shopping!

Beautiful Packaging w/ R&R Logo



X-Rated (Top), All-Nighter (Bottom)