Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tarte Cosmetics- Femme Naturale & Eye Couture Palettes

Hello fellow addicts!! Been a little while since I last posted....busy busy. Well I have still been doing a lot of shopping..I think a little too much actually! But if I didn't I wouldn't have so much to share so... This post is a review of my Tarte Cosmetics palettes I hauled a while back doing their friends and family sale. I was able to get this for 40% off. I have always been interested in trying Tarte Cosmetics, so as soon as I heard about the sale I had to jump on it.

I ordered two palettes. The first palette is the Femme Naturale and the other the Eye Couture day to night palette. Both palettes include ten beautiful eyeshadows. Tarte Cosmetics promotes the fact that their products are all natural and healthy. Tarte Cosmetics website states their eyeshadows contain 'skinvigorating' ingredients, natural fruit and plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances.

The Femme Naturale palette contains more neutral, earthy colors. Browns, bronzes, plums, sand, gold, and green. I love this palette for everyday looks. The Eye Couture palette contains more dramatic, smoky eye colors. Bronzes and charcoals. This palette can also be good for a day time neutral look but also transitional for a dramatic night time look.

I am very impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows. They are very soft and natural. Some I will admit are more pigmented then others, but the overall quality is good. I think I like the packaging as much as the palettes. Both come in a gorgeous plum color wrapping ( I love purple toned anything!). Check out the pictures below.

The palettes also included a nice double-ended eyeshadow brush and double-ended eyeliner. I was surprised at the quality of the brushes too. Usually the brushes that come with palettes are throw aways, but not these. I will definitely keep these for travel. The palette is also reusable and refillable. Once you finish an eyeshadow you can refill with more Tarte eyeshadows.

These beauties retail for $44, which IMO isn't a bad deal for ten good sized, quality eyeshadows. So if you haven't tried Tarte Cosmetics. I would definitely say give these a try! 

Happy Shopping!

Eye Couture Palette

Eye Couture Palette

Beautiful quilted case w/ lock and key!

Femme Naturale Palette

Femme Naturale palette

Cute and feminine case!

Random Swatches

Nice Free Gift!


  1. Love the case!

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  2. I love the cases they come in!

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  3. hmmm, thats not a bad price at all!