Monday, October 11, 2010

MAC Venoumous Villians Collection- Mini Haul w/ swatches

I was excited to hear about this collection when I first heard it was coming out...Venomous just sounded so dark and I knew the colors would be amazing! I am not a huge Disney fan, but it was still cool to see the MAC collection featuring some classic Disney movie Villians we all know. The collection consist of four mini collections: The Evil Queen from Snow White, Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and The Frog.

So my initial shopping list for this collection shorten when I realized I either had similar colors or the item was easily dupeable. I  would rather buy something unique and/or something I don't have a close match for. Initially, I got from the Evil Queen collection Bite of an Apple blush, from the Maleficent collection My Dark Magic mineralize eyeshadow, and Violetta lipstick.

Bite of an Apple is a very pretty matte coral pinkish color. Very pigmented and buildable. My Dark Magic is defnitely a more pigmented mineralize eyeshadow than most. Very pretty dark purple color. Violetta is just love! More bold than I usually go for, but I love purple anything lol. It is a very pretty purple, magenta color. It looks good with Revenge is Sweet lipglass from the collection, but I knew at first sight this would be perfect with my Milani 3D gloss in Fashion Diva. This combo is the bomb! :)YES...just three items at first....BUT because of the addict that I am I went back to my MAC counter and picked up the LAST Toxic Tale lipstick and Briar Rose Beauty powder.

I had been originally interested in the Briar Rose beauty powder but after seeing and swatching it in person for the first time it seemed too sheer and looked extremely similar to MAC's Coygirl blush...IMO. But then I started to see more swatches on WOC and I just had to have it. It is definitely a buildable color and very pretty. So it was not love at first sight but I am definitely in love now!

Toxic Tale was a different story. This is definitely a bold and bright color. I had not even considered it before I saw swatches online. I am a more neutral, brown lipstick wearing kind of girl. But because I saw so many pretty looks with the color, I decided to be daring! It is definitely unique and going out for the night worthy...

I am OK with what I did get. I do love MAC...I have just been learning to control myself when it comes to buying their products....they're not the most least expensive. I do have a weakness for their paint pots, blushes, and that is what I mostly buy. Also love their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural...use that everyday.

So the collection to me was really nice. There are definitely some amazing colors and products to choose from. For the die hard Disney fan this collection is a dream come true. Definitely check out worthy!

So what items did you pick up from the collection? Let me know :)

BTW Sorry for the not so great pics...I just wanted to give you a general idea of how the colors look on skin :)

Bite of an Apple blush

Bite of an Apple swatch

Briar Rose swatch

Briar Rose, My Dark Magic, Toxic Tale, Violetta swatches

My Dark Magic, Briar Rose, Toxix Tale, Violetta packaging


  1. Nice haul, I wanted to get Briar Rose as well, but I passed for now. I also picked up Toxic Tale after seeing it on other WOC.

  2. nice haul! cant wait to see Toxic Tale on you!

  3. @Tee Thanks! I had to get Toxic Tale after seeing some brown women rocking it! Very unique color :)

    @Resha Thanks! Girl I hope I can rock that color like you do lol! I am still playing around with it to find a happy medium for is bold! :)

  4. Cool Blog Stacey to sort out those comments :)

  5. Nice haul :) thanks for sharing. These are quite pigmented. Love em!

    I am following you now :)