Friday, March 13, 2009

E.L.F. Cosmetics Review

So with the economy as it is right now...blah blah's no surprise many of us our looking for ways to cut cost any where we find fit. And yes us beauty addicts must make sacrifices also!! But I've found a really great cosmetic line that doesn't make me feel like I am sacrificing at all...if you haven't heard Elf cosmetics has some really good makeup and most of it only $1!!! I am no beauty snob but when I heard about makeup for a $1 I was truly skeptical about how good could this really be?? But after doing some research and watching some youtube videos raving about it I decided to try them out. So I ordered some lip glosses to try and I AM IN LOVE!! I love lipgloss number one and their Super Glossy Lip Shine w/ SPF 15 (bonus!) are really great! They go on smooth, soft and not at all goopy like some glosses can be. The flavor and scent are delicious too! I am completely impressed with these because they are affordable and comparable to a lot of "high-end" glosses I've tried. Right now they have $2 shipping sitewide (link on the side) so giving these a try isn't going to break the bank...I am all about beauty but at affordability! Especially in our times right now...hope you give em a try!

Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF Box Set of 5


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